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Bing Search Bot

The Bing Rewards Search Bot automatically searches on to earn Microsoft points. These points can be used to purchase Starbucks, Amazon and Groupon gift cards, DVD rentals at RedBox kiosks, XBox Live membership and much more!

Bing Search Bot Features :

  • Multiple Accounts : Auto rotates through all your Bing accounts! Go ahead and create multiple bing accounts and the bot will cycle through them one by one and and max out your points each day!
  • Search for : Web, Images, Video, Maps or Random
  • Search Count : Set how many searches you would like to do on your Bing accounts.
  • Sleep Delay : Set how long you want to wait between searches. If you wish to set a random time delay, use the format "5-15" to sleep 5 to 15 seconds between searches.
  • Search Words : Build your own search word list or import a dictionary file. The search bot will auto pick a word / phrase randomly from the list.
    Feel free to use our dictionary file.

    We also offer a Top 500 keywords option. When enabled, the search bot will load & use a fresh copy of this keyword list when searching.
  • Auto Collect : Auto collect your points each day! Simply set the time you would like the search bot to collect your points - start it up and let the bot handle the rest for you!
  • Mobile Searches : You can now earn an additional 10 points each day by searching on the Bing mobile site.
  • Facebook Login Support : The search bot now supports Facebook logins. In the "Login List" tab, enter in your information like this : FB:EmailAddress/Password
  • Searches Per Account : You can now specify how many searches you would like to do for each account. In the "Login List" tab, enter in your information like this : EmailAddress/Password/SearchCount
  • New! Detect Captcha Support : If a Captcha screen is detected, the bot will pause and wait for you to fill it out. You will also hear an audio beep once every 2 seconds to let you know that captcha screen is showing. This option can be enabled/disabled in the "Misc Options" tab.
  • New! Record Point Totals : The bot will now record your current points when it's finished searching on that account. It stores this information in a BingCredits.txt file.
  • New! Bing Dashboard Daily Offers : The bot will now do the daily offers on the Bing Dashboard page. You can enable this feature in the "Settings" tab.

Attention Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 11 Users : Please 'right click' the BingSearchBot.exe icon and put a check mark beside 'Run this program as an administrator' (found in the 'Compatibility' Tab) and click 'Apply' - otherwise it may not work correctly.

Download Bing Search Bot!
Current version : v1.7.7.5 - ChangeLog

Bing Search Bot

The Bing Search Bot is free to try - once your shareware runs out, you will need to purchase a license below if you wish to continue using it. The license costs $9.97 - which includes free updates for the life of the product!

Purchase Bing Search Bot
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If you do not receive your password, please check your spam / junk mail folder before contacting support. The passwords are emailed automatically to you within 5 minutes after your purchase has been processed successfully.

You can contact us at :

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