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Anyone having "Trouble" with PlayBuddy UpDates/DownLoads and their Anti-Virus ??

Author Topic: Anyone having "Trouble" with PlayBuddy UpDates/DownLoads and their Anti-Virus ??  (Read 700 times)

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Offline REALITYwins

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I've been using the AVG 'FREE' Anti-Virus since around 2007 and now approaching the end of a '30 Day Free Trial' of AVG's Internet Security 'system'.
Until recently, only had a couple 'problems'... "False-Positives" of PlayBuddy UpDates /DownLoads 'suspected' of containing Malware / 'Threats', and thus were 'BLOCKED' by AVG from 'installing'.  An e-Mail, or a 'notice' to PlayBuddy's Support system usually resulted in the 'problem' being 'corrected' in a day or two.

Currently I have at least FOUR 'Buddy' UpDates being 'BLOCKED' by AVG as 'Threats' !!!

       Crossword Cove POGO Buddy - 'BLOCKED' since 06-20-17
       Poppit Bingo POGO Buddy      - 'BLOCKED' since 09-07-17
       Poppit Party POGO Buddy       - 'BLOCKED' since 09-07-17
       Word Whomp POGO Buddy     - 'BLOCKED' since 09-11-17 (approx.)

Earlier / previous versions of AVG contained a 'Tools Menu' with an 'option' to "Temporarily Suspend" the AVG Anti-Virus and FireWall 'protection'... that 'option' no longer exists, or cannot be found !

A 'list' of Safe / Trusted sites for downloads (IF I've got it properly set-up) ISN'T 'working'... Down-Loads STILL 'BLOCKED' by AVG !

An 'option' for ME to 'make-the-final-decision' whether to 'BLOCK' or 'Down-Load' ISN'T 'working'... Down-Loads STILL 'BLOCKED' by AVG !

At my whit's end... ready to consider another AV System !

I SHOULD HAVE "Windows Defender"... suppose to be part of the Windows 10 'Upgrade'.  Any 'opinion' how good / dependable that is ???

Regards everyone,

UPDATE - Sept. 27, 2017 -
Thanks everyone...  Got the Norton (Internet) Security and ALL the 'Updates' installed with NO problems !!!

HAD been a Norton 'customer' until around 2005, when they began 'blocking' my access to the Sierra-Hoyle game site 'claiming the loading of game files posed a threat (Malware)' !   The AVG FREE Anti-Virus was about the third 'product' I tried... and it served me well for almost 13 years ('saving me some bucks to boot'), although the 'quality' of the 'user interface' (options, files, & reports) has DECLINED, especially in the past year or two, it remained 'marginally usable' UNTIL Sept, when the dramatic increase in "false, positive threats (malware)" began with PlayBuddy files / updates ! with no practical 'solution' available.
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Offline snowflower

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I'd like to help you but I'm using Norton 360 Premier. It's really tolerant of Play Buddys, I haven't had any problems so far.
FYI, Norton turns off Windows Defender and puts up it's own defense system. I'm not sure what AVG does ..
Hope you get answers, there's some really good peeps in here .. and very helpful!!  GL with it REALITY..

Online C~M

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AVG Sux, any other security program is better. AVG gives too many false positives.

Offline s1lentscream

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I am so disappointed with ALL of the anti-virus programs.  Thought MicroSoft's Windows 10 would solve the problems...nope.  Purchased a new computer from Costco a years ago.  Almost returned it because of "malware" or something.  Dell tech support (very helpful BTW) had me try MalwareBytes.  Hey it worked for me.   But, still cannot run Torch Browser.

Additionally, Got a new HP (also from Costco) and it came with McAfee...seems to work ok...but will not buy after the free year.

Good luck

Offline Stinkerbell

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Additionally, Got a new HP (also from Costco) and it came with McAfee...seems to work ok...but will not buy after the free year.

Good luck

Back when I worked for AOL they gave us McAfee, free. Most people didn't like it and went to TrendMicro even though they had to pay for it.

Offline essybee

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After a run with AVG giving me everything as an error I started with malwarebytes and have not had any trouble with errors

Offline snowflower

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I really do find Norton good, doesn't give me any errors .. so far it's been great!

Offline mycatownsme

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I have malwarebytes also and no trouble here either....hope I didn't just jinx it now.  giggle2.gif

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