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Scrabble - New Ranks and Badges

Pogo has added new ranks and badges in Scrabble. There are now a total of 70 ranks and 2 new badges.

Scrabble New Ranks and Badges

Pogo.com Cheats

Bejeweled Twist

Pogo has released the Bejeweled Twist game.

Spin, match, explode! Bejeweled Twist is a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled!

You can play the game by adding it to your favorites or by visiting the Bejeweled Twist game page. The game has 50 ranks and 5 rank badges - which you can view on our Bejeweled Twist Badges page.

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Pogo Toolbar

The Ask Toolbar for Pogo is a free web browser add-on that gives you easy access to Pogo games and daily content. Don't miss a minute of Pogo fun!

  • Convenient web search function helps you search the web
  • Quick access to all the most popular games
  • New downloadable game every day
  • Benefit from special discounts and offers

Club Pogo users will also have easy entry to the weekly challenge of the week.

Download the Pogo Toolbar now!

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Bejeweled Twist Badges

Bejeweled TwistHere is a sneak peek at the Bejeweled Twist badges. The game will have 50 ranks and 5 rank badges.

Instead of switching the positions of two gems vertically or horizontally, the cursor in Bejeweled Twist is a circular lens that rotates four gems clockwise on the gameboard.

You can play Bejeweled Twist now on the PopCap website.

Click here to view the Bejeweled Twist Badges

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Pogo Mini Design Contest

Pogo Mini ContestBe a Pogo Mini designer! Here's your chance to design your very own Pogo Mini collection.

Pogo is in search of some visionary talent. Break out your imagination skills and get ready to design your own Pogo Mini line.

Come up with a great theme that includes 4 non-animated Pogo Mini backgrounds and/or goodies. Pogo's team of talented artists will turn one lucky player's vision into reality. The final pieces will be featured in the Pogo Mini Mall in a future release.

Submissions must be received by April 30th, 2012

Pogo.com Cheats

Club Pogo Cookbook

Looking for a great recipe? Try the new Club Pogo Cookbook!

It's 5 PM and you don't know what's for dinner. Never fear, Club Pogo is here! We gathered recipes from our Club Pogo community and here are just a few of our favorites. You can print them all at once in a handy cookbook form or print them out individually to just try a few. How sweet it is!

You can view the Club Pogo Cookbook online or download the Pogo Cookbook in PDF format.

Pogo.com Cheats

Slingo Ricochet

Pogo has released the Slingo Ricochet game.

Enjoy this fast paced slots and bingo game as you rebound matches off the Slingo Ricochet board sides for higher scores and more free Slingo excitement. Sharpen your bingo games skills today!

You can play the game by adding it to your favorites or by visiting the Slingo Ricochet game page. The game has 50 ranks and 5 rank badges - which you can view on our Slingo Ricochet Badges page.

Pogo.com Cheats

Android Pogo Games App

Android Pogo Games AppThe Pogo Games App is now available for Android.

The Android App comes with the following (4) games : Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo21, and Sweet Tooth 2.

You can download the Pogo Games App from the Google Play Android store.

Pogo.com Cheats

Slingo Ricochet Badges

Slingo RicochetHere is a sneak peek at the Slingo Ricochet badges. The game will have 50 ranks and 5 rank badges.

The objective of Slingo Ricochet is to accumulate the highest number of points by trying to cover all the numbers on your game card in 20 spins or less.

Rebound matches off the Slingo board sides for higher scores!

You can get a feel for this game now by playing it on the Slingo website.

Click here to view the Slingo Ricochet Badges

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Clue Secrets & Spies Episode Giveaway

We are giving away (15) Clue Episodes!

15 winners will receive a Clue Secrets & Spies Episode of their choice - contest winners will need to provide their Pogo username so we can send the Clue Episode via the Pogo gifting service.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, Mar 19 - Good Luck!

Contest closed - Click here to view the winners!