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Portable Edition New!

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Free anagram solver and Scrabble word finder to find and unscramble your words!

What our word solver does is rearrange the letters of your word to create different words.

Our Scrabble word finder features the latest Scrabble dictionary, which will also return point totals for each word. Our word unscrambler contains up to date 450,000 word dictionaries which are available in English, British and Australian.

The anagram solver also contains a dictionary for Word Whomp and Anagrams games on Pogo - and we plan to add other dictionaries soon! If you would like request a dictionary, please contact us.

The portable edition of our word finder opens the word unscrabler in a new, small window. This will allow you to have both your word game and the solver sit beside each other for portability and ease of use.

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