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Welcome to Pogo Cheats! The First and Largest Pogo Cheat Community.

Welcome to Pogo Cheats - We are the first and largest pogo cheat site!

We offer free pogo tokens, pogo slots cheat, pogo backdoors and our very own pogocheats toolbar! In our downloads section, you will find free pogo cheat and club pogo cheat (commonly referred as autos). Our pogo game cheats program will play the games for you automatically on pogo.com!

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Latest PogoCheats.net News:

Pogo.com Cheats

Tumble Tiles is Now Available

Tumble TilesPogo has released Tumble Tiles! You can access the game now by visiting the Tumble Tiles game page or by adding it to your favorites.

Rank progress in Tumble Tiles is similar to the way rank progress is earned in Mahjong Escape. It's earned by getting stars on each puzzle. You can earn a maximum of three stars per puzzle.

Tumble Tiles has 50 ranks and 5 rank badges.

Pogo.com Cheats

Chuzzle Slots is Now Available

Chuzzle SlotsPogo has released Chuzzle Slots! You can access the game now by visiting the Chuzzle Slots game page or by adding it to your favorites.

This game is considered a "Pogo Parlor" game - it uses the same coin bucket as other Pogo Parlor games: Bejeweled 2 Slots and Zuma Slots.

Chuzzle Slots has 50 ranks and 5 rank badges. Rank points are earned by getting a spin that has one or more wild symbols on the payline(s).

Pogo.com Cheats

Club Pogo Light and Fun Collection Games

Pogo has released a set of five games they callthe "Club Pogo Light and Fun Collection". These games are small games created by other game developers and are available only to Club Pogo members.

These games are considered "Lite" games as they do not have jackpot spins, ranks, tokens or badges. They do have chat though.

Here are the first 5 games that are available to play right now (more of these games are coming in the future) : Alhambra Solitaire, Bouncing Letters, Chain Reaction, Dominoesand Gems Swap III.

Pogo.com Cheats

Bejeweled 2 Slots is Now Available

Bejeweled 2 SlotsPogo has released Bejeweled 2 Slots! You can access the game now by visiting the Bejeweled 2 Slots game page or by adding it to your favorites.

The payout in this game is pretty much the same with Zuma Slots, but your coin earnings can increase with a lucky go at the Bejeweled Bonus round and Wheel of Riches bonus spinner.

Bejeweled 2 Slots has 50 ranks and 5 rank badges.

Pogo.com Cheats

Zuma Slots is Now Available

Zuma SlotsPogo has released Zuma Slots! You can access the game now by visiting theZuma Slotsgame page or by adding it to your favorites.

The betting and winning in this game revolves around coins, not Pogo tokens. When you start the game, you will receive 15,000 coins (non-Club Pogo players receive 12,000), and every 4 hours you can refill your bucket with 4,000 more coins by loading the game and refilling your bucket.

Zuma Slots currently has 5 rank badges.

Pogo.com Cheats

Pogo Valentine's Day Promotion

2015 Pogo Valentine's Day PromotionPogo is celebrating Valentine's Day by offering us sweet treats! Check them out below:

2015 Valentine's Day Limited Edition Badge.

Valentine's Day editions of Sweet Tooth 2 and Perfect Pair Solitaire.

Free Pogo Tokens, Printable Pogo-themed Valentine's Day Cards, Gift a Club Pogo Subscription to someone special and 50% Off select Download Games.

Check back daily for surprises because the Valentine's Day sweets will continue for seven days!

Pogo.com Cheats

Free Birthday Mini Item 2015

Every year, Pogo sends out a code (via email) to players in their birthday month so they can get a free token Mini item. However, you can use it at any time in the year - whether it's your birthday or not.

Use coupon code BDAY15 at checkout to get your free token Mini item. This coupon code can only be used once per account.

Pogo.com Cheats

Save 25% on Select Claire Hart Episodes

Today only, as a part of Pogo's Holiday Express promotion, save 25% on Select Claire Hart Episodes! To take advantage of this sale, just load up the Claire Hart game and scroll through the episodes.

Eligible episodes are already marked down by 25% in-game.

Pogo.com Cheats

Mix-n-Magic Badges are Now Available

Mix-n-Magic badges are now available! Get early access to three new Mix-n-Match Challenges every week - approximately three months before they're available to buy in Badge Central.

Each week you'll have 75 cards available to you. You buy turns and choose one card to unlock Mix-n-Match Challenges, Pogo Gems, Tokens or Free Turns to choose another card. Buy your first turn for only 8 Gems and you're guaranteed to unlock one of this week's three Mix-n-Match Challenges. Each turn after that will cost you 16 gems, and it's upto you how many turns you want to use to try to unlock the other two badges.

The deck is stacked with the three individual badges, 39 Gem packs, 23 Token packs and 10 free turn cards. To get started or for more information, checkout Pogo's Mix-n-Magic page.

Pogo.com Cheats

Fall Back and Save Coupon Codes

Pogo is celebrating the end of Daylight Savings with a bunch of 2 for 1 coupon codes! These codes are valid today, November 2nd only.

CLUEDAY Buy One Clue Episode, Get One Free.
MNMDAY Buy One Mix-n-Match, Get One Free.
PBADAY Buy One Premium Badge Album, Get One Free.
MINIDAY Buy One Pogo Mini Gem item, Get One Free.
EXPDAY Buy one Expression, Get One Free. (Club Pogo Only).

Club Pogo™ Badge Challenges:

This Week's Club Pogo™ Badge Challenge:

Next Week's Club Pogo™ Badge Challenge:
Amazing Adventures:
Find 16 relics this week! (Complete one mission to get the progress.) [Cheat]

Find 250 words that do NOT contain the letter 'E' this week! [Cheat]

Rainy Day Spider Solitaire:
Clear 110 foundation stacks this week! [Cheat]

Mahjong Safari:
Get 11 Jackpot spins this week! (Collect all the 10 mini-animals and finish the game to check your progress.) [Cheat]

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