Mix-n-Magic Badges are Now Available

by Ken on

Mix-n-Magic badges are now available! Get early access to three new Mix-n-Match Challenges every week - approximately three months before they're available to buy in Badge Central.

Each week you'll have 75 cards available to you. You buy turns and choose one card to unlock Mix-n-Match Challenges, Pogo Gems, Tokens or Free Turns to choose another card. Buy your first turn for only 8 Gems and you're guaranteed to unlock one of this week's three Mix-n-Match Challenges. Each turn after that will cost you 16 gems, and it's up to you how many turns you want to use to try to unlock the other two badges.

The deck is stacked with the three individual badges, 39 Gem packs, 23 Token packs and 10 free turn cards. To get started or for more information, checkout Pogo's Mix-n-Magic page.

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I've done this twice. Each time I get one badge to do. The rest is tokens. I don't need to pay for tokens I can earn them on my own. Very disappointed with this.

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This is how it's designed to work.

You're guaranteed to unlock one of three Mix-n-Match Challenges each week on your *first turn* - anything after that is a gamble (just like any casino - the house always wins).

You should do just "one turn" each week to get your Mix-n-Match badge for 8 gems.

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