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The Club Pogo Center contains cheats & tips for the Pogo weekly challenges.

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There is 1 day left in this week's challenge!

Club Pogo Challenges

This Week's Club Pogo Challenges

Peggle Blast HD
Hatch 40 eggs this week!
[ Download Cheat ]

Crossword Cove HD
Solve 50 down words without using hints this week!
[ Download Cheat ]

Next Week's Club Pogo Challenges

Pogo Daily Sudoku
Win 20 games with two or more lives left this week!
[ Download Cheat ]

Mahjong Safari HD
Make 90 pairs of tiles with a straight line this week!
[ Download Cheat ]

Sweet Tooth Town
Create 90 Sugar Swirls this week!
[ Download Cheat ]

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Need Help with a Badge?

If you have a question or need help with a badge, visit our Pogo Weekly Challenges forum section.

Double Browser Trick

The double browser trick requires two different browsers (no surprise there!). If you don't already have a browser in addition to Internet Explorer, there are many to choose from. Google Chrome and the Firefox browser are one of the many that will work.

Once you have two browsers, you now need two Pogo accounts. Just register a free account like you normally would. Simply use one browser with one account and use the other browser with the other account and start a game. (a private password protected room is probably best.)

Now just let one account win to your hearts content and that badge will be yours in no time.

Pogo is "Too Busy" or "Room is Full"

This used to be a real issue back in the day, but not so much anymore. Did you put off getting that badge till the last day, and now you can't get into Pogo because of a "System too Busy" error or the room you want to go in is full?

If so, just use a backdoor to get in. We receommend using the MyBackDoors website. It contains direct links to the Pogo game rooms. The game will open just as it normally would if you went in through Pogo. You can find more information on our Pogo Backdoors page.