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Latest Pogo Cheats News

Fall Buzz Badge Marathon

by Ken on
pogo badge marathon

The Fall Buzz Badge Marathon has started! All Club Pogo members have been gifted a free premium badge album containing 10 Mix-n-Match badges from Pogo_Spike in their gift box.

If you complete all 10 badge challenges before 11:59pm PST on November 18th, you'll earn the bonus animated badge marathon badge.

Head over to our Fall Buzz Badge Marathon forum thread for more information!

Game of the Month: Phlinx II (November 2018)

by Ken on
phlinx 2

Phlinx II is Pogo's new game of the month for November 2018!

Pogo has changed things up and instead of adding new ranks, Pogo_Spike has gifted us (4) free badge challenges. If you complete them during the month of November, you'll be awarded a bonus badge for your collection. You can access these challenges now by visiting your Pogo Gifts page.

Head over to our Phlinx II GOTM thread for more information!

2018 Pogo Spooky Spectacular

by Ken on
2018 pogo spooky spectacular

The 2018 Pogo Spooky Spectacular has started! Pogo is offering us four days of frights, sales and tricky treats. Here's what they are offering us so far :

- 25% Off Poppit! Bingo Cactus Cash
- 25% Off Power-ups and select Undiscovered World Episodes
- Halloween Spooky Sprint Badge Marathon (Check Your Gifts)
- Mix-n-Match "Back from the Vault" Sale (Go Here)
- Play the Halloween Edition of Sweet Tooth 2

Visit our Pogo Spooky Spectacular forum thread everyday for the latest offers!

Challenge Quest: Autumn Odyssey

by Ken on
challenge quest

Club Pogo's first ever Challenge Quest Autumn Odyssey starts now! There will be 4 weekly challenges and an extra-hard Master Challenge.

Players who complete all 4 weekly Autumn Odyssey challenges and the master challenge will win the Christmas Limited Edition Badge before it's available for sale! If you miss a week or want to avoid a specific challenge, there will be a corresponding Autumn Odyssey Mix-n-Match Challenge available at a later time.

Head over to our Autumn Odyssey forum thread for more information!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD is Now Available

by Ken on
tri peaks solitaire

Pogo has released Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD! You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the card category or by adding it to your favorites.

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD replaces the old flash version of the game. Note that unfinished rank badges will not be transferred over because this is a new version of the game.

You can earn a total of 5 rank badges, which you will receive at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. Head over to our Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD forum thread for more information.