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See below for links to our all game cheats for Pogo! All the cheats will gain your game ranks and complete any of the challenges for you with ease. If you have any issues using them, head over to our support forum and we'll be more than willing to help you.


Pogo PlayBuddy Cheats

Card Pickup Buddy - 52 Card Pickup
Words Buddy - A Way With Words
Aces Up Buddy - Aces Up! HD
Addiction Buddy - Addiction Solitaire
Ali Baba Buddy - Ali Baba Slots
Adventure Buddy - Amazing Adventures
Balloon Buddy - Balloon Bounce
Battleship Buddy - Battleship: Naval Combat
Beaker Buddy - Beaker Creatures
Bejeweled Buddy - Bejeweled 2 Slots
Bejeweled Buddy - Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled Buddy - Bejeweled Twist
Big City Buddy - Big City Adventure
Bingo Buddy - Bingo (Everyone Wins)
Bingo Buddy - Bingo (Fortune)
Bingo Buddy - Bingo Luau
Bloon Buddy - Bloons 2
Bloop Buddy - Blooop
Boardwalk Buddy - Boardwalk Sea Ball
Boggle Buddy - Boggle Bash
Bowling Buddy - Bowl (Pogo™)
Canasta Buddy - Canasta
Blackjack Buddy - Casino Island Blackjack
Checker Buddy - Checkers
Chess Buddy - Chess
Chuzzle Buddy - Chuzzle Slots
Cirque Buddy - Cirque du Flea
Claire Buddy - Claire Hart Classic New!
Claire Secret Buddy - Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows
Clue Buddy - Clue Secrets & Spies
Connect Buddy - Connect 4
Cookie Buddy - Cookie Connect
Cribbage Buddy - Cribbage
Cross Country Buddy - Cross Country Adventure
Crossword Buddy - Crossword Cove HD
Domino Buddy - Dominoes
Domino Buddy - Dominoes (Super)
Double Deuce - Double Deuce Poker HD New!
Bingo Buddy - Everyone Wins Bingo
Class First Buddy - First Class Solitaire HD New!
Flower Days Buddy - Flower Daze
Findo Buddy - Find-O-Vision
FreeCell Buddy - FreeCell (Payday)
Bayou Buddy - Greenback Bayou
Grub Buddy - Grub Crawl
Harvest Buddy - Harvest Mania
Heart Buddy - Hearts
Hog Heaven Buddy - Hog Heaven Slots
Jacks Better Buddy - Jacks or Better Poker
Jet Set Buddy - Jet Set Solitaire
Jewel Academy Buddy - Jewel Academy
Jokers Wild Buddy - Jokers Wild Poker
Gin Buddy - Jungle Gin
KenoPop Buddy - Keno
Letters Buddy - Letters from Nowhere
Lotso Buddy - Lottso! Express HD
Mah Jong Buddy - Mahjong Garden HD New!
Mah Jong Buddy - Mahjong Safari HD New!
Mah Jong Buddy - Mahjongg Dimensions
Mah Jong Buddy - Mahjongg Escape
Merge Buddy - Match & Merge
Mini Golf Buddy - Mini Golf Madness
Monkey Gems Buddy - Monkey Gems
Nopoly Buddy - Monopoly
Nopoly Buddy - Monopoly Slots
Nopoly Buddy - Monopoly World
Texas Holdem Buddy - No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker
Pai Gow Buddy - Panda Pai Gow Poker
Payday Poker Buddy - Payday Poker
FreeCell Buddy - Payday FreeCell
Pegland Buddy Buddy - Pegland
Peggle Slots Buddy - Peggle Slots
Phlinx Buddy - Phlinx
Phlinx Buddy - Phlinx 2
Zombie Buddy - Plants vs. Zombies
Bowling Buddy - Pogo™ Bowl
Sudoku Buddy - Pogo™ Sudoku
Daily Sudoku Buddy - Pogo Daily Sudoku New!
Omaha Buddy - Poker (6th Street Omaha)
Double Deuce Buddy - Poker (Double Deuce)
HiStake Buddy - Poker (High Stakes)
Jacks Better Buddy - Poker (Jacks or Better)
Jokers Wild Buddy - Poker (Jokers Wild)
Lost Temple Buddy - Poker (Lost Temple)
Texas Holdem Buddy - Poker (No Limit Texas Hold'em)
Pai Gow Buddy - Poker (Panda Pai Gow)
Texas Holdem Buddy - Poker (Texas Hold'em)
Pool Buddy - Pool
Popp Zopp Buddy - PoppaZoppa™
Pop Buddy - Poppit! HD
Pop Bingo Buddy - Poppit Bingo
Poppit Party Buddy - Poppit Party
Pop Sprint Buddy - Poppit Sprint
Postcard Buddy - Postcards from Britain
Puck Buddy - Puck's Peak
Pyramid Sol Buddy - Pyramid Solitaire
Aquarium Buddy - Quinn's Aquarium
SpiderSol Buddy - Rainy Day Spider Solitaire HD New!
Ride Tide Buddy - Ride the Tide
Risk Buddy - Risk
Royal Wedding Buddy - Royal Wedding: One Year Later New!
Sci Fi Buddy - Sci Fi Slots
Scrabble Buddy - Scrabble HD New!
Scrabble Sprint Buddy - Scrabble Sprint
Sherlock Buddy - Sherlock Holmes
Showbiz Buddy - Showbiz Slots
Showbiz Buddy - Showbiz Slots II
Slingo Blast Buddy - Slingo Blast
Slingo Buddy - Slingo Ricochet
Hog Heaven Buddy - Slots (Hog Heaven)
Nopoly Buddy - Slots (Monopoly)
Sci Fi Buddy - Slots (Sci Fi)
Showbiz Buddy - Slots (Showbiz II)
Sock Hop Buddy - Slots (Sock Hop)
Atlantia Buddy - Slots (Vaults of Atlantis)
Snood Buddy - Snood
Sock Hop Buddy - Sock Hop Slots
Sol Gardens Buddy - Solitaire Gardens
Aces Up Buddy - Solitaire (Aces Up)
Addiction Buddy - Solitaire (Addiction)
Class First Buddy - Solitaire (First Class)
Golf Sol Buddy - Solitaire (Golf)
FreeCell Buddy - Solitaire (Payday FreeCell)
Perfect Pair Buddy - Solitaire (Perfect Pair)
SpiderSol Buddy - Solitaire (Rainy Day Spider)
IslandSol Buddy - Solitaire (Thousand Island)
Tri Peak Buddy - Solitaire (Tri-Peaks)
Class World Buddy - Solitaire (World Class)
Space Hunt Buddy - Space Hunt
Spade Buddy - Spades
Sparks Buddy - Sparks
Spooky Buddy - Spooky Slots
Stackem Buddy - Stack'em HD
Story Buddy - Story Quest
Sudoku Buddy - Sudoku Puzzle Blast
Sushi Buddy - Sushi Cat 2
Swashbuck Buddy - Swashbucks
TootSweet Buddy - Sweet Tooth™
Sweet Town Buddy - Sweet Tooth Town New!
Texas Holdem Buddy - Texas Hold'em Poker
Tri Peak Buddy - Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD New!
Trivia Buddy - Trivial Pursuit
Trizzle Buddy - Trizzle HD New!
Tumblee Buddy - Tumble Bees HD
Tumble Tiles Buddy - Tumble Tiles
21 Buddy - Turbo 21 HD
Undiscovered Buddy - Undiscovered World
Vanishing Buddy - Vanishing Trail
Atlantia Buddy - Vaults of Atlantis Slots
Biggest Brain Buddy - Who has the Biggest Brain
Wonderland Buddy - Wonderland Memories
Craft Buddy - Word Craft™
Word Search Buddy - Word Search Daily HD New!
Whomp Buddy - Word Whomp HD
Class World Buddy - World Class Solitaire HD
Yahtzee Buddy - Yahtzee & Yahtzee Party
Zooma Buddy - Zuma's Revenge
Zooma Slot Buddy - Zuma Slots

Mayhem's Free Stuff

VP Minimizer v3.7 - VP Minimizer helper will check every 5 seconds for the "Virtual Prize Award" screen & the Rank Badge popups. If one is detected, It will auto minimize the popup to keep your cheat running smoothly. It will take care of the "Private Chat", "Mute Player" and "Invitation Cancelled" windows. If you receive an "Administrator Message" that the server will be shutdown, VP Minimizer will close the pogo game window. That will ensure you don't lose any progress you have made in the game. It will work with any cheat and web browser.