Jet Set Solitaire is Now Available

by Ken on
jet set solitaire

Pogo has released a new game, Jet Set Solitaire! You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the card games category or by adding it to your favorites.

Jet Set Solitaire is a golf-style solitaire game where you click on cards that are higher or lower than the ''Tour Card'' to clear levels and travel the world.

You can earn a total of 5 rank badges, which you will receive at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. Also, you can earn an additional 40 in-game award badges. Head over to our Jet Set Solitaire forum thread for more information.

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Wow! that's great... good to see this new game

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How do you achieve 3 stares in a level. My husband gets 2 stars and more the needed on the score and cards left over...please help

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in SYDNEY... i need 1 star to advance,, needed it for weeks, stuck.. any help please........

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If you require assistance in Jet set Solitaire, please post your question in our support forum!

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I have played your games forever and i had joined the club never got anything... all was the same...commercials....not being able to proceed in any games... Finally i opted out and was given my money back...some years later (such as now) joined again and same thing happened. Why?

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