Quinn's Aquarium is Now Available

by Ken on
quinns aquarium

Pogo has released a new mahjong game Quinn's Aquarium for Club Pogo members!

Quinn's Aquarium is a story-based mahjong game where you need to fix up an aquarium and open exhibits to bring in new customers. To earn ranks, you'll need to match the unique blue shell tiles. The game currently has 50 ranks, 5 rank badges and 30 in-game award badges.

Head over to our Quinn's Aquarium forum thread for more information!

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i cant do the help page for a screen shot but it freeze up and stops playing the game

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Have you tried using a different web browser?

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the badge this week quinns aquarium majong it should not be were we need to get 70 that is way to many to get unless you buy well I all ready pay for my pogo I should not have to pay again to get this badge this is one of pogo worse games they need to get rid of it and I am not the only one that will not get this badge this week all these tokens that we get we should be able to buy what we need to get this badge not with our credit or debit card pogo is getting to be no fun.

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I wholehearted agree with Stella. I firmly believe this game is designed to get you to BUY more help. I, for one, am beginning to feel Pogo is a waste of money. Also, they're paying programmers to make their site "cutsey" instead of making the site better. Far too many things wrong with their basic programs! FIX them instead trying to look cute.

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how can you play for a badge that requires to collect keys to unlock and you only get them once every so many challenges, which are hare to complete

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I agree with Stella and Sue. I am ready to get out of the money hungry Pogo and go to Spigo or qut playing at all

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