Harmony's Flight Badge Marathon

by Ken on
pogo badge marathon

The Harmony's Flight Badge Marathon has started! If you complete all 10 badge challenges for Mahjong Sanctuary before 11:59pm PST on May 26th, you'll earn a bonus animated marathon badge.

To get started, just visit Pogo's new Badge Marathon page. This new page will make activating your new challenges and tracking your progress even easier.

Head over to our Harmony's Flight Badge Marathon forum thread for more information!

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The Harmony's Flight Badge Marathon is nothing but a money (gem) scam In the solitaire game It made me spend over 150 Gems!!! Same thing happen to me last year doing the same game..Pogo is laughing all the way to the bank!!You would think they would be more loyal to there long time Pogo players 14 yrs. here I'm ready to quit over this game. I dont even spend 150 gems in a whole year!!! I would like half my gems back pls.. there is a clitch in the game I told you this last yr.and it is still NOT FIXED!! Or is this how you drain ppl during a pandemic when we are all broke and just playing Pogo to pass time. SHAME ON YOU PPL!! Dont you wonder why so many ppl are quitting this site..we all have a new site and you dont have to buy gems to play game.. you take yearly money off us just to join!! :( :( oh I guess this is why you have a GEM SALE!!! HAHAHA

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Would like some gems back pls!

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