2020 Pogo Black Friday Sale

by Ken on
black friday

The Pogo Black Friday Sales are now live! Pogo will be offering us up to 50% on select badges, power-ups, in-game currency, game episodes and more!

The deals that are currently available are :

- 50% Off From France with Love power-ups and episodes
- 50% Off Cross Country Adventure power-ups and episodes
- 25% Off new Thanksgiving Feast Challenges
- 25% Off The entire animated Pet Badge series
- 25% Off Quinn's Aquarium power-ups and Sand Dollar coin packs
- 25% Off Snowbird Solitaire power-ups and Pineapple Coin packs
- 25% Off select older Mix-n-Match challenges
- Select Legendary Badges are on sale for 4-12 gems each

Head over to our Pogo Black Friday Sales page for more information!

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is there anyway to help with your score besides playing rated all time (losing) in canasta hd? wish they where unrated!!! also why doesnt chat disappear when you leave a room?? you can go back days later and same chat!! also abusive bullying players ya need to get rid of i have reported them since we went HD ya havent done anything:(

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Hi Kathy!

It's best if you post this question in our support forum : https://www.pogocheats.net/forum/

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