Game of the Month: Jet Set Solitaire (October 2021)

by Ken on
jet set solitaire

Jet Set Solitaire is Pogo's new game of the month for October 2021!

Pogo has made some changes, and the Game of the Month challenges are now on it's own new event landing page. Players will now get their final reward badge immediately after completing all challenges. The challenges will only be available during the events. If players can't finish these in time, the challenges will disappear.

Head over to our Jet Set Solitaire GOTM thread for more information!

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In order to complete Jet Set Solitaire one must spend a great deal of money in order to progress. Have tried the tractor level 12 times so far in order to attempt to get onto the next and it is only level three. Spent 40 gems to buy 10 tokens to aid the process and spent one to get to level 2....This game is a money grab that pogo has authorized/is benefiting from.....too bad was actually enjoy the Christmas challenge.

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