1,000 Weekly Challenge Badge Coming Soon

by Ken on

Club Pogo members are in the midst of the One Thousand Weekly Challenge!

In honor of this amazing milestone, those who have completed 1,000 Weekly Challenges by February 26th, 2013 will be rewarded with a very special badge at a later date after confirmation.

Today was the cutoff date for players to earn this badge. Be patient, it will take time for pogo to process and award the special badge.

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You would think they would have made the badge animated and happy looking. Instead, it's dull in the rain and just plain jane.

Pogo has become so no go lately. Who needs a ugly special badge. Stupid.

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Sorry Lisa, the special edition badge is animated and much better than what you're seeing here. I just posted a screen capture of the badge. The file size for those animated badges are quite large - and I was afraid it would make the news page load too slowly.

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