Letters from Nowhere

by Ken on

Pogo has released the new hidden object game Letters from Nowhere. The game is very much like Big City Adventure, Claire Hart and Clue.

A dramatic and mysterious journey awaits! Letters from Nowhere is an online hidden object game where you play the role of Audrey, a young woman whose husband Patrick has disappeared under strange circumstances. It's up to you to find letters, artifacts, and ghostly messages to unravel the mystery.

If you require assistance finding the objects, here is a walkthrough for the 11 episodes. However, only the first 4 episodes are available right now.

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can someone please tell me where that 2nd stamp in level 18 is. tyvm

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I have played episode 18 almost 10 times and can not find the middle stamp! I don't think it's even there. I think they didn't put it on. Can someone help, I'm not the only one.

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This is from pogo tech help :

Our team is aware of an issue if you replay Episode 18 in the Playground. If you previously found all 3 hidden stamps, the middle stamp will disappear from your lower left hand corner of the screen and it will also not be able to be found again in the puzzle.

Our team is investigating this issue and hopes to have it resolved soon.

This issue will not prevent you from completing the Episode or progressing further in the game.

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can anyone tell me how do I pick up the target . I have tried everything nothing works?

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The target drove me nuts too. I finally found the dagger on the coatrack on the far right of the screen, about same level as the target, not at all where they show it in the hints

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has this issue ever been fixed???? and is this the false love episode? i am missing a stamp on that one and can’t find it anywhere and i thought i had it already

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