1,000 Weekly Challenge Badge Awarded

by Ken on

Pogo has now started to award users the 1,000 Weekly Challenge Badge.

If you haven't received yours yet, be patient - it will take time for pogo to process everyone.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved this milestone!

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I was less than 10 away from getting this badge :( Oh well.. congrats to everyone who got it! P.S. when did you add the comments feature to your news pages??

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Sorry to hear that :(

The comments feature went live last night. I've been meaning to add one the last couple months ... but setting up the proper security to combat spam bots delayed things.

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got over 3000 badges and never got one. this is crap. if I did not put in the effort I have I would give my account

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that so sad i did all badges and they did not give it to the 1,000 Weekly Challenge Badge

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Eleanor and Donald - are you sure you met the requirements?

More info can be found here :


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i had my 1000 badges by the deadline and i dont have my badge. i read something about email, but who do i email about this?

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I'm with all of you who didn't get there badge. I worked hard to finish the few challenges I had left to do by the dead line. I finished everyone of them and was not recognized with the badge. I have been a member since 2003 and Pogo was #1 to me. Since they dogged me like they did I feel some what different. I still play all the challenges but I dont feel the same anymore. I tried to write to the email they gave us but I dont use outlook express so I couldnt send the email.

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I agree with you still haven't got this badge yet i think pogo is full of it

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