Spooky Slots - New Ranks Added

by Ken on

Pogo has added new ranks to Spooky Slots!

Here is a sneak peek of the new rank 40 and rank 50 badges.

Spooky Slots Rank 40 BadgeSpooky Slots Rank 50 Badge

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i love this game n hope its on free pogo not club pogo bec i cant renew my membership 4 a mth n cant get free membership without credit card n that is maxed until end of sept.

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i thought they had been leaving spooky slots up all yr. round now, but i don't see it in the list, must of took it down again. ugghhhh wat a pain.

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its very sad that spooky slots isn't around all year long. There are some games that really suck, like sci-fi slots. I wish that there was a slot game that is seasonal like spooky slots that can played all year long. Many people feel the same way that l do. This time of year we could be playing that game with a Christmas theme and it could be followed by St. Patricks day theme. ETC!!!

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