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Monopoly Sudoku answers

Started by Cokecola1962390,

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I think the sudoku answers are different for everyone.  The puzzles are different.


I have the crazy notion that they are the same for each player.  But it depends where you are in the game - my game 112 will be the same as yours, but if you have already done 120 puzzles, then how does that help.
Or, like Squid said - they are all different, like the Pogo Daily puzzles, except for the Daily Weekly or Weekly Daily or whatever its name is.  As far as I know, everyone gets to eat a slice of that pie.


Ok, then - interesting that they would be the same for the number puzzle.  I suppose that results in equal puzzles/equal effort (so to speak) for all.  I would have thought they were randomly given within the class of puzzle (easy, medium, hard). 

At any rate, I don't know of any way to just be able to plug in the answers unless you use some sort of solver program into which you plug your known numbers.  I've never looked into that sort of thing.


I think the answers must be the same because the buddy never makes mistakes.



  does anybody still have that temporary fix for play buddy?
  mine has vanished for some reason


Quote from: birch on October 02, 2023, 04:53:31 PM

  does anybody still have that temporary fix for play buddy?
  mine has vanished for some reason

Yes, just download v4.4 of VPMinimizer,53361.0.html
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