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Started by smokyrain,

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Hi all
I seen this post from last year,52590.0.html
And just wondering if anyone else is having these issues again. I never play the game. Just run the auto but the game keeps freezing after one move. 
I am sure I can finish this challenge , but I find it annoying as to why it's doing this

I google a bit and comments on the EA forum were to turn off Hardware Acceleration in the browser. I tried with Edge and Chrome same issue

My computer died and I am running a new gaming laptop so pretty sure it can't be an issue there, but who knows these days lol. 
I have no issues with any other game. 


I'm not going to get that event challenge done.  I've played a number of games and I don't get close to 70.


In order to get this badge I believe you have to get to level 10 or 12 I cannot remember the exact. It is a hard challenge .


Sorry to confuse. I meant in the post about people having trouble playing Trizzle not the challenge itself.

I am just doing the weekly badge this week. I can only make about one or two moves and the game freezes.

So to complete this badge, I am just making a couple moves, then closing and restarting. 

It's not my computer, or the browser freezing, just not able to make any more moves in the game.
Hope that makes sense


wow, good for you, Smokester!  I never would have thought of that.


Quote from: smokyrain on March 21, 2024, 11:07:42 PMOmg I got home tonight from work, and needed to find out why this game is freezing on me.
So I checked google one more time and found this reply on EA forums

The refresh rate was the culprit. My Laptop Original refresh rate is 141, so I changed it too 60 hz and it works

The game is playing perfect now. Hope this helps anyone else

Thank you sooo much. It worked!! I've had to play this game on my iPad for a few years.


Thanks, that fixed my issues as well! I don't have to play the challenges on my phone anymore.
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