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Club Pogo 8 Year Anniversary

by Ken on

Club Pogo is celebrating their 8 Year Anniversary!

Here is a list of all the goodies you can receive (so far) :

8,888 Free Pogo Tokens - more can be found on our free pogo tokens page!

Free Animated Mini Item (Goodies section)

Clue episodes have been reduced to 15 gems (except the latest 3).

8 year anniversary download sale - 8 hit games for only $8.88

Coupon Codes :

8 Gems off any Premium badge album - PBA8
Buy any Mix-n-Match badge and get one free - MNM8


by Ken on

Pogo has just released a new game called SCRABBLE Sprint.

It's a flash game that has 20 ranks and 2 badges. You can play it by adding it to your favorites or by visiting the SCRABBLE Sprint game page.

Got Word Skills? Put them to the test with SCRABBLE Sprint! Tick tock, beat the clock! Spell a word to keep the clock running. The higher you score, the more time you get. Use all of your letters before time runs out. It's a sprint to the finish!

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