Pogo Cheats News - Page 71

Poppit Sprint Mini Rewards

by Ken on

You can now earn mini rewards by playing Poppit Sprint on Pogo.com.

It's not known whether it's a temporary glitch or bug, but for those who don't play on facebook can now get access to these mini rewards. When you play Poppit Sprint, there is no notification on how much XP you have earned, but it's assumed to be the same as the facebook app.

40+ Balloon Super Pop = 8 xp
Score 100,000+ = 2 xp

Any mini rewards you earn will be automatically placed in your mini closet.

Mini Items from Dr. Pepper

by Ken on

Pogo and Dr. Pepper have teamed up and are giving away 3 Mini Mall items to players who enter in codes from Dr. Pepper products on their EA Every Bottle Or Cup Wins website.

You can trade in codes for these Mini Items : I'm a Pepper!, Dr Pepper Leather Jacket or Poodle Skirt and Dr Pepper Diner background.

Dr Pepper Mini Items