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Thank you. That quins aquarium will not be to bad.
Pogo Weekly Challenges for November 21st – 27th , 2018

Crossword Cove HD
Win 5 games on MEDIUM setting!
No image available

(Don’t look, Squid!) Quinn’s Insanaquarium
Collect 2,500 tiles!
No image available

Mobile Challenge: Word Whomp Under Pressure Badge!
Spell 16 5-letter words!

Note: You can play the mobile challenges on Android and iOS, but you'll only receive the badge when played on iOS.

Get the PlayBuddy Autos here:  http://www.playbuddy.com/
Jet Set Solitaire  - Win 39 levels with 2 stars or better this week!

- The level stars are based on the score you earn.
- The more cards you discard in a row the higher your STREAK bonus, and the higher your score.
- Clear all the cards on the table and finish all other Goals to complete the level.
- If you get stuck, you can use one of the Power-Ups available.

A Way With Words - Make 100 5-letter words this week!

- You can add one letter to the board per turn, make sure to plan for 5 letter words.
- To place a letter, click the letter and then a space on the board. Hit submit to confirm.
- Words can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, backwards or embedded within existing words.
- Having trouble? Use any of the 5 available power-ups to help or boost your score.

Phlinx II - Drop 60 power-up stones this week!

- There are 5 different power-ups that can appear in the stone stack. Release them to get credit and use their power!
Got it, thank you!
Club Pogo / Re: New Levels for Quinn's Aquarium (Oct 13)
« Last post by Squid on Today at 02:27:36 am »
I don't like being the bearer of bad news!  embrace.gif
Club Pogo / Re: My autos don't work with Chrome...Fixed!!!
« Last post by LittleFawn on Today at 01:00:34 am »
That is so true. I have a gaming computer and have never had any issues.
Got mine thanks.
Club Pogo / Free Undiscovered World Legendary Badge (Superstar Members)
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:34:32 am »
Pogo is offering up a Free Undiscovered World Legendary Badge for select Club Pogo "Superstar" Members!

The pop-up displays over your current Club Pogo page, and you should see it when you log in or visit any of the pogo pages.

Undiscovered World - Spirited Scratcher Badge - Find 20 idols in 2 weeks!

Club Pogo / Re: My autos don't work with Chrome...Fixed!!!
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:29:49 am »
Glad to hear you have things running great now!  tumbsup.gif

Since CPU's are so fast now, a new graphics card will give you the biggest performance boost in games.
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