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Aces Up! HD - Complete 2 squadrons this week!

You have a full squadron assembled once all the Flying Aces light up - this can take several games.
You must win/finish the game to get your Flying Aces to join the squadron.
To win, get all four aces to the top of each column and discard all other cards.
You can use the Flying Aces to blast away unwanted cards, but used Flying Aces won't join the squadron.

No Limit Texas Hold'em - Win 20 hands this week!

- Try to get the best hand possible using your two cards, and the 5 community cards.
- Top 5 highest hands: Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush & Straight.
- Straight Flush - Five cards in sequence that are all the same suit. A Royal Flush is a special type of Straight Flush that goes from 10 to Ace.
- Four of a Kind - Four cards of the same rank.
- Full House - A three of a kind and a pair in the same hand.
- Flush - Any five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence.
- Straight - A sequence of cards in any suit.  A-2-3-4-5 is a straight, and 10-J-Q-K-A is a straight, but Q-K-A-2-3 is not.
- Play in a "Just For Fun" room if you don't want to be winning/losing real tokens.
- You current best hand will be highlighted on the list of possible hands (bottom left corner).
Pogo Weekly Challenges for October 3rd-9th, 2018

Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows Hidden Messages Badge
Complete 4 episodes!

Peggle Slots Lassoing the Queen BadgeBadge
Win a line with Queen 70 times!

Mobile Challenge: Poppit! Lend Me Your Cheers Badge
Release 10 baseballs!

Note: You can play the mobile challenges on Android and iOS, but you'll only receive the badge when played on iOS.

Get the PlayBuddy Autos here:  http://www.playbuddy.com/
Technical Help / Retaining APA Citations from WORD to Brightspace
« Last post by Stinkerbell on Today at 06:46:47 am »
My daughter is taking an online course for her Bachelors in Nursing. She's trying to turn in an assignment that requires 12 citations. She's got everything in APA format in WORD, but when she copies it to Brightspace, it loses the formatting. It's not just the citations, but then entire post switches to the Brightspace fonts, colors, etc...

She's looked online but the directions they offer don't seem to help.

Any ideas?
General Pogo Discussion / Re: MAX tokens possible on POGO.com
« Last post by Stinkerbell on Today at 06:31:06 am »
I believe Pogo could go higher than 2,147,483,647. I think the issue is that the token amount is stored in their database using "INT - signed". If they were to change it to "INT - unsigned", then they could store up to 4,294,967,295. Or better yet, change to it BIGINT.


Welcome to Pogocheats!  tumbsup.gif

**sung to the tune of Hall & Oats' She's a Maniac**

He's a brainiac, brainiac on the floor,
And he mathing like he's never mathed before.....
General Pogo Discussion / Re: MAX tokens possible on POGO.com
« Last post by AustinBennett on Today at 04:47:00 am »
The reason we can't get any more than 2,147,483,647 tokens in POGO.com is not because POGO set any limits.
It's because since the program itself is a 32-Bit program
That's the MAX possible because 2 to the 32nd power = 2,147,483,647
If EA rewrites the program code into a 64 Bit program,
I'm gonna need a calculator with a hell of a lot of more digits in it's display
Damn...there goes that beach house I wanted so bad.   girls18.gif
General Pogo Discussion / Re: Texas Holdem Scam
« Last post by AustinBennett on Today at 04:44:00 am »
There's no programing of the hands to favor anyone. Its random luck whether good or bad. People say what room you're in has some effect of the games. I don't really think Pogo cares that much who wins.   undecided.gif
Latest Pogo News / Re: Sneak Peek & Coming Soon
« Last post by Squid on Today at 03:40:56 am »
Chit Chat / Re: Will Smith Heli-Bungee Jump over the Grand Canyon
« Last post by Squid on Today at 03:40:31 am »
Good for him!  Looks like a wild ride.
News / Re: Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years
« Last post by Squid on Today at 03:34:23 am »
I'm surprised they're sending an 82 year old blind man to maximum security.
General Pogo Discussion / No TOKENS, no renew Membership in the Club
« Last post by MarcinJJM on Today at 03:29:29 am »
Remember when they announced they're getting rid of Monopoly & Scrabble,
and had a POLL for us to respond too their announcement.
Maybe because they have to pay a fee for the privilege... which meant more profit for EA.
Most of us must have responded with a "HELL NO, I'm not paying ya for removing TWO of my favorite games.
Then they changed their mind when too many  people also stopped the auto renewable for the Club.
Now they're working on eliminating TOKENs ... and I betcha soon, there's gonna be a increase in the cost of the CLUB.
We'll NOT for me, I stopped the auto renewable Club membership and will not be a Member after that.
BTW... No POLL asking us what we think this time!!!
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