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Club Pogo / Peggle Blast HD: New Game of the Month for April
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:40:40 am »

Peggle Blast HD is the new game of the month for April 2023!

The game of the month challenges are now on it's own new event landing page.

Players will now get their final reward badge immediately after completing all challenges. The challenges will only be available during the events. If players can't finish these in time, the challenges will disappear.


Club Pogo / Mahjong Garden HD Global Travel Badge
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:36:41 am »
The Mahjong Garden HD Global Travel Badge is now available in badge central for 25 gems. This badge retires on April 1st, 2024.

Mahjong Garden HD - Calming Pond Garden Badge - Finish the game in Summer Season 15 times in 3 weeks! (300 Pogis)

Latest Pogo News / Re: Sneak Peek & Coming Soon
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:35:18 am »
You're welcome!
You're welcome! I like the new system.
New Releases & Updates / Re: RISK: Pogo Domination Cheat is Now Available
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:30:39 am »
I haven't had a chance to run it yet, but glad to hear all is well!
Chit Chat / Re: Hologram Fan
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:27:57 am »
It'd be nice if it wasn't so noisy. We need a silent version!
Picture Gallery / Re: Amazing and Funny Pictures
« Last post by Mayhem on Today at 12:22:06 am »
Does this really work?

Club Pogo / Re: "Banked" Badges Have Disappeared?
« Last post by Squid on Yesterday at 05:25:04 pm »
WTG!  I'm not sure but this might be unprecedented!
Fun & Games / Re: Does anybody WORDLE?
« Last post by Stinkerbell on Yesterday at 10:14:33 am »
Wordle 650 6/6

Club Pogo / Re: Corwin the Romantic Constellation
« Last post by Squid on Yesterday at 08:47:23 am »
We have 30 days left in the Constellation. I'll hold off on April's GOTM for a couple weeks until I know for sure the best way to go.
  That may be the thing to do initially to see where we stand.  I am hoping to get gold done this time.  I'll have to review what's coming up (marathons, etc.) to estimate what my pogi future looks like.  Thanks all!

ETA:  On second thought, the next constellation begins on 5/1, according to my calculations.  So... the GOTM for April must be completed prior to that, so there is no sense (probably) in holding off on completing these.  The only caveat to this is that in a prior constellation, if my memory serves me correctly, there was a time when an extension was applied to the current constellation due to a problem with Pogo.  If something like that should occur again, we would then have the option of using the GOTM for either this constellation or the next.  Thoughts?
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