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How old were you when?

Started by tponka,

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How old where you when became interested in intimate relationships?(((interested... not when u did it... rofl)))


I think 15, that puberty stage really gets the hormones a going.

How old where you when the movie TEEN WOLF came out?


hmmm 1985, lets see...... somewhere in my 20's... thats all u need to know


Where's your question token lol? 

How old were u when man landed on the moon?  I was one year old exactly.  Now you know my age lol.


Wasnt born yet bummer
how old were you when Harry Stanley was shot?


That happened in 2000, and I was born in 1950, so lets see, carry the one and divide by, ummmmmmm I was 50

How old were you when the Edsel went out of production ?


Not a car buff (car knowledge) so I looked that up.... 1959....  wow...
still look'n that info up... lol



kandykitty20012 old where you when you drank your 1st cup of coffee????


I think prob 10 or 11... I cant remember...

How old where you when you were told about the birds and the bees?


lol believe it or not, 12

how old was ya when u drank your 1st beer?


lol I think I was like 5. It was by accident. I drank my moms beer thinking it was a soda.

How old where you when you snuck out of the house?


15  and if I knew what I know now, I woulda stayed at home.  :,

How old where you when you first did the naughty thing... :o


Im savin myself for remarriage... I never done it yet.... lmfaoz

How old where you when you got your first kiss?


From my parents when I was born
From an animal would be when I was 3 and kissed a frog and the frog kissed back.
From a boy when I was 8 playing doctors under the bridge.
From a young man it would be 16 when I lost my you know what.

What was the question again...for some reason I feel off track... :OO

When was the first time you stuffed your bra....(and if your a guy...your undies..and don't say you never did)


 :ooo Well, my boobs popped in overnight in the 5/6 grade...cant remember was it 5th or 6th grade... never stuffed...

How old where you when you got a nice body/figure?


I'm still waiting for that to happen...lmao

How old where you when wore a thong for the first time?

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