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Pogo can't handle the truth

Author Topic: Pogo can't handle the truth  (Read 752 times)

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Pogo can't handle the truth
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:52:14 am »
I guess pogo is on to me.  They remove my posts from the forums and lock me out of the thread.  Too funny, they can't handle the truth.   slap1.gif me for posting the truth.  Breaking the rules a double  slap1.gif slap1.gif  My light at the end of the tunnel is when my membership runs out.  Below is what I posted and Pogo's response follows

Quote from: xxxxxxx
have been playing for 2 days on the Gardener Badge and it has quit counting Dirt Piles and seeds. Have dumped cookies and history, then restarted but not helping. Badge should have been done.

Pogo has put limits on how much you can win in a 24 hour period, 20,000 seeds daily.  You reach that amount and you won't get any more.  this is no "glitch"  For a major game site getting people to spend money is what this game site is about.  Not ONE other game site has these problems.  I have other places that have NEVER had a maintenance day off.  This is just wrong.

There is so much about players cheating, but it's this game site that's doing the cheating, cheating their members out of wins..... please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's all virtual coins, seeds, what ever.............

Read fast they take down my posts, why?  because what I say is true, not fake news hahahahahahaha (get it?)

then this:
Removed by moderator due to forum violations. All posts must follow the Pogo/EA Terms of Service (link) as well as the Forum Rules (link).]

thanks for letting me vent

** edited to remove Pogo ID from quote to protect anonymity
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Re: Pogo can't handle the truth
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 09:37:59 am »
Don't really think Pogo has ANY "Limiter" on the amount of 'tokens' that can be 'won' in any 'time period'... rather, there appear to be "glitches" in several games regarding the amount of 'tokens' actually 'awarded' to the 'player'.

Just a couple examples... CLUE Secrets & Spies, Word Whomp, Turbo 21, and Pogo Addiction Solitaire - have left an 'auto-player' running overnight (usually NORMAL difficulty & FASTEST play speed) and have 'collected' between 50,000 - 100,000 tokens.  Only 'broken' by a few 'lost  connections and/or next game not 'loading' / 'refreshing' properly.

The PROBLEMS seem to be mostly with the 'newer' games, a couple examples being - Poppit Bingo where I Never-Rarely receive all the 'Tokens' the Game (top of first Display Screen after 'end of round') - in rooms #13-#17, during both long and short 'game sessions', I've had several to just-a-few 'rounds' where I 'won' 8,000 - 15,000 'tokens' EACH, BUT when 'finished' and 'refreshing my screen', my 'Token Count' increases by just a few thousand... that's LESS than the total of my 'TWO BEST WINS' !!!

Mahjong Escape is another 'issue'... a few times 'finished a session' and when 'refreshing' the screen, my 'Token Count' failed to increase, or increased far less than I expected... usually 300-400 'Tokens' per won / completed game.  Decided to play two long sessions and "Watch the Results" closely... had the 'top of page' in view to see ANY changes to my 'Tokens' (although NOT an 'exact count') as they occurred !!!   This seems to be a Sporadic issue' with unknown causes !

Signed-in and started a new game... for nearly 45 minutes, 'Token Count' was increasing with each 'win' / 'completed' game... NEXT game there was NO increase in 'Tokens' (this continued for 30-45 minutes)... THEN, the 'Token' increases 'returned' in subsequent games.
Played a "Repeat Early Levels (for Badge Progress)" game... similar results (actual 'play time' varies) BUT, 'awarding Tokens' DOES 'switch on & off' periodically !
Started another 'new game'... NO 'Token' increases for nearly an hour... then, it 'began' giving-out 'Tokens' again... "quit" a short time later !!!

Think my ONLY / BEST Advice is that IF you're JUST after the 'Tokens'... watch the 'top-of-the-page' (where your Token totals are 'displayed') AND DON'T 'play' when it's NOT 'giving-out Tokens', ... Try Again a couple hours later !

Regardz,   hi11.gif

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