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Mahjong Safari HD is Now Available

by Ken on
mahjong safari hd

Pogo has released Mahjong Safari HD! You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the puzzle category or by adding it to your favorites.

Mahjong Safari HD replaces the old flash version of the game. Note that unfinished rank badges will not be transferred over because this is a new version of the game.

You can earn a total of 5 rank badges, which you will receive at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. Head over to our Mahjong Safari HD forum thread for more information.

25 Days of Pogo Holiday Countdown

by Ken on
pogo holiday event 2018

The 25 Days of Pogo Holiday Countdown for 2018 has started! Pogo mentioned that they will be giving out lots of power-ups, mini items and badges and have great sales on badges, game episodes and power-ups every day through December 25th.

In Addition, Pogo will also be debuting a new holiday badge collection. You'll be able to get a new badge each day of the event and they will be available until January 1st.

Head over to our 25 Days of Pogo Holiday Event forum thread for all the daily freebies and deals!

2018 Pogo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

by Ken on
pogo sale

The Pogo Black Friday Sales are Now Live! Pogo will be offering us four days of daily deals - look for savings on hidden object game episodes, power-ups, premium badge albums, mix-n-match badges and more.

The deals that are currently available are :

- Free Mini item when you purchase any Bird Badges bundle
- 50% Off All Grub Crawl Episodes
- 50% Off All Postcards from Britain Episodes & Power-Ups
- 50% Off All Vanishing Trail Episodes & Power-Ups
- 25% Off All Quinn's Aquarium Power-Ups
- 25% Off All Big City Adventure Power-Ups
- 25% Off Jet Set Solitaire Power-Ups
- 25% Off up to 20 Premium Badge Albums - use code PBABFCM18
- 50% Off All Clue Secrets & Spies Episodes - use code CLUECM18
- Buy 2 Get 1 Free Mix-n-Match Badges - use code MNMCM18

Head over to our Pogo Black Friday Deals Forum Post and Pogo Cyber Monday Deals Forum Post for more information!

Cross Country Adventure is Now Available

by Ken on
cross country adventure

Pogo has released the new hidden object game Cross Country Adventure. The first episode is free for Club Pogo members. You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the hidden object category or by adding it to your favorites.

Join cinematographer Sarah in a Cross Country Adventure spanning the United States. Search for hidden objects while scouting for the perfect filming locations!

Head over to our Cross Country Adventure forum thread for more information!

Fall Buzz Badge Marathon

by Ken on
pogo badge marathon

The Fall Buzz Badge Marathon has started! All Club Pogo members have been gifted a free premium badge album containing 10 Mix-n-Match badges from Pogo_Spike in their gift box.

If you complete all 10 badge challenges before 11:59pm PST on November 18th, you'll earn the bonus animated badge marathon badge.

Head over to our Fall Buzz Badge Marathon forum thread for more information!