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Mahjong Sanctuary is Now Available

by Ken on
mahjong sanctuary

Pogo has released Mahjong Sanctuary! You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the puzzle games category or by adding it to your favorites. Help Sir Barnaby and his pal Harmony create a thriving wildlife preserve!

There are currently 150 ranks and 15 rank badges, which you will earn every 10 ranks. Head over to our Mahjong Sanctuary forum thread for more information!

Garden Escape Badge Marathon

by Ken on
pogo badge marathon

The Garden Escape Badge Marathon has started! If you complete (2) Mahjong Escape and (3) Solitaire Gardens badge challenges before 11:59pm PST on July 23rd, you'll earn the bonus animated badge marathon badge.

To get started, just visit Pogo's new Badge Marathon page. This new page will make activating your new challenges and tracking your progress even easier.

Head over to our Garden Escape Badge Marathon forum thread for more information!