November 30, 2023, 11:27:56 PM

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May Pogo Survey

Started by Mayhem,

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Dear Pogo Player,

We'd like to thank everyone for filling out the survey from last month. We appreciate everyone's feedback. At Pogo, our goal is to provide an exceptional gaming experience for our players. We understand that every player has their own preferences, and we strive to cater to those as much as possible. That's why we've created a monthly survey to gather feedback on different features on Pogo.

We highly encourage all of our players to take the time to fill out the survey each month. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us make informed decisions about the future of our platform. By filling out the survey, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts. Not only does your feedback help us make better decisions, but it also helps us prioritize which features to work on next. Our development team uses your feedback to determine which features are most important to our players and what changes need to be made to improve the overall gaming experience.

Thank you for your time,
- Your Friends at Pogo
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