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Solitaire Home Story

Started by Purrrrna,

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When I was a Club Pogo Member, I earned over 5,400 badges.  I finally decided that I needed to let the Club go.  I have recently returned and, as a free player, have enjoyed playing Solitaire Home Story until I began to see issues with the functionality of the game.  I can accrue leaf tokens and when I leave the game to return later, the total of my leaf tokens is much lower than when I signed out.  At first, I thought I was just inattentive.  Then I started noting my totals when I leave the game.  It verified that I was mysteriously losing leaf coins!  That is a real error within the game as it prevents me, and probably others, from accumulating the coins to help get things which would advance play.  I am on level 897.  It is impossible for me to progress.  The game, at this hard level is impossible to sucessfully accomplish and worse without power up options to help me progress.
Other issues are within the layout of the game. Having the 5 additional card option button next to the quit option button causes problems because if accidentally hit, there is no "undo" option.  There should be.
Another issue I see is having all the windows pop up after a failed level is cleared.  You get a pop up asking if you want to use a power up that you may have. I have carelessly clicked on that while meaning to click "play."  There are rounds that are not worth my using my hard earned power ups.  The two windows look so similar that if you are really mentally into the game, you are prone to clicking that first windowl
Also, that stupid "Wheel of Luck" is truly not running well.  I have landed on Jackpot as well as power ups many times only to have the arrow jerk off and roll to 25 or 50 leaf coins.  This is not fair. 
The last issue is when I get a "gift" of extra time, by the time I click "Continue" and go to the game, I have lost valuable seconds!  Sometimes more than 15 - which may seem insignificant but it's not  Time is of the essence.  Th timer should begin when I begin my play.  Also, there is no way to pause the timer if one need to use the restroom (TMI, I know), but it's true.
This game, as much as I love it, has made me feel that I did the right thing by discontinuing my membership.  I refuse to pay for the gems and feel that there should be more attention given to finding other ways to provide game success.  EA Sports is not hurting for $$.  I am sure i am not the only person that feels the things I have shared.

Sorry for the grumbling, but I am just tired of beating a dead horse and Solitaire Home Story has become just that!


I've noticed so much of what you describe.  I'm not enjoying the game and don't know if I'll complete the challenge.

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