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2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

by Ken on
black friday

The Pogo 2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals have started! They'll be offering us up daily deals on badges, game episodes, power-ups and more through Cyber Monday.

Here's a list of what's being offered so far :

25% Off All Mahjong Escape's Power-ups.
25% Off All Story Quest Episodes & Power-ups.
25% Off All Solitaire Gardens Power-ups.
25% Off All Poppit! Bingo Cactus Cash Packages.
50% Off the 12 Labors of Hercules Super Pack.
50% Off up to 10 items from the Mini Mall - use code MINIBF17 at checkout.
50% Off up to 10 Clue Secrets & Spies Episodes - use code CLUEBF17 at checkout.
50% Off up to 10 Mix-n-Match Badges - use code MNMBF17 at checkout.
50% Off up to 10 Premium Badge Albums - use code PBACM17 at checkout.

Head over to our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals forum thread for more information!

Aces Up HD Now Available

by Ken on
aces up hd

Pogo has replaced the Java version of Aces Up with the new HTML5 Aces Up HD! You can access the game now by using the link above, find it in the card games category or by adding it to your favorites. In this game, ranks are earned by filling squadrons.

The game has 40 ranks, 4 rank badges with all new badges. In this updated version, everyone will start at rank 0. Head over to our Aces Up HD forum thread for more information.

Game of the Month: Pogo Bowl (November 2017)

by Ken on
pogo bowl

Pogo Bowl is Pogo's new game of the month for November 2017!

The game has 10 new ranks and a new rank badge (80 ranks total). Also, if you play this game in the month of November, you will be awarded a free mini item sometime in December. Head over to our Pogo Bowl forum thread for more information.

You can earn these new ranks now on the Pogo Bowl game page.

Pogo 2017 Halloween Celebration

by Ken on
halloween spike lantern

Pogo's 2017 Halloween Celebration has started! Pogo will be giving away daily treats through October 31st. This is what is happening now and coming soon. Be sure to visit our Pogo Forum for all the latest news and offers!

  • Badge Scarathon : Complete all 10 badge challenges to earn a bonus badge.
  • 25% Off (10) Premium Badge Albums : use code PBAOCT18 at checkout.
  • Mini Mall : Free Galaxy Candy Apple mini goodie item. Also, ''Ferdinand's Pumpkin'' limited edition mini item for 22 gems.
  • Free Spike-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Template.
  • 2017 Halloween Limited Edition Badge is available until October 31st.
  • Mahjong Safari has a new Halloween tile set.
  • Free Claire Hart "A Visit with Owls" episode.
  • Halloween-themed Mix-n-Match badges.
  • Complete 15 daily challenges for a Bonus badge.